Hello to everyone checking out our changelog entries. We wish you had a productive set of days since our last changelog entry.
Today we have a lot of new things to show and tell about and we hope that you will like them as much as we do.
Audio no longer in beta
YEY!! We have been looking forward to this point in time when our audio feature will be out of beta and officially available.
While nothing beats the video, there are some cases when the audio might be needed instead. The audio recorder supports the themes you had available before (as shown here:
For more, check out our blog post at
Improving dashboard
As you know, we have been working on our dashboard updates for a while now, making small yet helpful changes. As such we have several new changes for you.
Icon colors
We added the ability to add custom icons to the applications in your account, and now they can also have their color changed as well.
This makes it easy to immediately spot the application you are after, or use color tagging for different types of applications.
History support
Going back and forth between the pages is often needed. When needed it might have been a tad difficult to get back to where you were exactly requiring you to do a lot of same clicks yet once again.
Well now we have made some changes that will help with that. If you use the browser Back and Forward buttons, the pages will be shown exactly where you were.
This makes it easy to use the built in browser feature for "walking" through your steps.
We know some of you wanted this and we hope it will be helpful to others as well.
Specific URL
As you will see, with the back and forth being available now, we also have the more specific URLs available.
This makes it easy for you to go to some video and then share the link to it with your colleagues. It can be a link showing one video or multiple videos in the list. The result is that anything you were looking at will be available over the same URL to the person you share it with.
* They will of course still need access to the account.
GIF-onized effects
We have recently released the ability to create a GIF from your videos. This is great for many things, most notably in emails where video playback is not really possible.
Now at the time, it was not possible to combine the other effects with the GIF, it was one or the other. Well this has been changed, and now you can add watermark and other effects to your GIF.
Something in the back
As always there is a lot of different things that we are doing in the back that you can not see. Sometimes you might not even be able to see a difference on your side, still there are many such things that are needed to be done.
To make sure that our audio feature can be out of beta properly we had a large amount of such points to tackle off. Ones most notable are audio transcription and webhooks.
Audio Transcription
Anyone that was testing our Audio beta releases knows that our plans were to follow up with meta profiles. Still it made more sense for us to make sure that we have some support on that front ready for the launch.
As such we have added the audio transcription as it sounded like you will all want and benefit from this feature.
Audio webhooks
Knowing when something happens in the back is always interesting, especially if you do not need to have something running in the back for it. This is where webhooks come in handy.
Webhooks just fire any time there is something to notify your script about, which then runs and always has the data needed to be processed. Nothing less than efficient.
Now, we have some webhooks for audio implementation as well, just like we have for video. There are some new webhooks to add to our system of course, however the most important are there.
Sticky videos
It is great watching a video, so much info can be captured in such a short time. What is even better is if the video can follow you as you scroll down through the page.
Now, that is possible. Just add
parameter and start moving on the page.
As you do, and video is in the way of some text, just move it.
* This is available on r39 and above.
Events Editor
We have made some updates to our Wordpress plugins. Our core plugin has been updated to now include
shortcode support and Event Editor page.
This allows you to easily set up your own code to fire once some event happens.
You have 3 options:
  1. Set up alert type of event - where an alert shows up once the event fires
  2. Set up the event template that is added on page load - allowing you to add your on code and we just output it to the page.
  3. Set up the event template that is fired once the event fires - allowing you to add your own JS code which we fire up once the specific event fires.
The last 2 can be saved as templates allowing you to re-use them as many times as you want by simply specifying the ID.
Chessboard Grid Videowall template
We have on our Github a fresh new version of the Chessboard Grid videowall template. It makes your Videowalls plugin show the same in a more chess related fashion.
At the moment what you will be able to see is that once the video gets played a new will be introduced. The videos will be introduced around the board as if the chess is played and pieces are moving around.
* The moves are random in nature, not true Chess moves, however still interesting to watch.
The video that is played back will also get enlarged so that it is easier to see. If you prefer to have an option between them staying small during playback and big, just let us know.
Techsylvania event
Last yet not least is the Techsylvania event that we are happy to say were part of. Together with many different services, banks and others you could see Pablo from our team explain things about our service.
If you have missed it, make sure to check out our blog as we will be releasing a blog post about it, including the video itself
Looking forward to hearing from you about this update and your thoughts and remember to let us know what it is what you want to see in Ziggeo in future by leaving your note on